About Us

The Sterilizing Research and Advisory Council of Australia (South Australia) Inc. (SRACA) promotes high standards of practice in the provision of sterilizing and disinfection services. The Council works closely with the local TAFE towards maintaining a comprehensive, up to date education program. We also run workshops and seminars to keep sterilizing technology practitioners fully informed on the latest developments in technology.


SRACA SA Inc. holds current Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance to cover authorised SRACA SA Inc. voluntary activities, in compliance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 [Act].

Meet our Committee

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Committee Role

  • Ensuring that all activities of the Council take place in accordance with The Constitution of the Council and that all financial dealings are in accordance with good Accounting practice.
  • Develop and maintain the membership basis of the Council.
  • Produce a regular newsletter for the interest of the members of the Council.
  • Planning educational meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • Provide advice to the members on interpretation of matters relating to interpretation of Sterilizing Standards.
  • Provide advice to Governmental Departments on matters of Sterilizing Technology.

On a Broader Stage the Committee also plays a role in the following

  • Membership of the Federation of Sterilizing Research & Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA).
  • Membership of such groups as Standards Australia Committees for consideration of relevant Standards that may apply to the industry.

You do not have to be a Committee Member to help the Committee perform these roles. Feel free to volunteer to assist in any of the above tasks. Not only will you learn new skills, but you will make new friends. Contact any of the Committee Members to see how you can help.